We love that you have decided to check out our shop! Our hope is that you find something cool you can't live without!

Trendi’s is an Amarillo based E-commerce store that is the perfect place for unique gifts and accessories for yourself or the people around you!

Don’t see something you’re looking for?? GREAT NEWS! We absolutely love custom orders! Don’t hesitate to message us and make your request!

Our typical turnaround time on orders is about 14 days and although we strive for quicker turnaround times those times can be affected by current releases, holidays etc.

What is Trendi's?

Trendi is a combination of Travis & Wendi.

Travis is the the techy one. He knows all things laser & keeps it going all while giving Wendi the cliff notes version of the things she needs to know.

Wendi is the ideas behind the brand and touches every single item that Trendi's produces. We like to get our kids involved in our projects when time allows. They are head trash taker outers, acrylic peelers, sanders, Posca painting pros among other things!

We love designing, creating & providing our customers with handcrafted items & unique gifts.

When you shop with Trendi’s you're supporting a dream and a creative outlet for our family!

We truly love what we do and have such gratitude for each and every person who supports Trendi's.

CUSTOM REQUEST? give us a little info about what you're looking for and we will get back to you shortly.